CODE ANN. About a year later, the chancellor awarded Nancy permanent custody of the children. The chancellor allowed her an additional $1,000 per month on her other bills, and directed her to refrain from incurring any additional indebtedness until "this matter is resolved." She was caught in 1981 and forgiven, after promising it would end. He stated this would later be recouped because he had purchased three memberships, and when he sold two of them, his investment would be returned. She had recently had cancer surgery. A daughter, Kathryn Reed Retzer, was born to their marriage July 1, 1976. Mr. Retzer, on the other hand, testified Mrs. Retzer always spent beyond their means, and none of her funds went into the business. Mrs. Retzer testified that Mr. Retzer was an excellent husband, and had been a good father. More specifically, she requested an award of "an undivided one-half interest in and to all properties of every kind and description accumulated during the time of marriage." The second factor, as first stated in Jenkins, supra, was in being a dutiful, faithful housewife. Mike adds that, "[n]o matter how rich the parents, there are reasonable limits to what young children can use and consume.". Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema Ingrid Kraus sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. ROY NOBLE LEE, C.J., DAN M. LEE, P.J., and PITTMAN, J., concur. At that time they were in something of a financial bind, and in order to pay these bills, Mr. Retzer agreed to go on her note at a bank for $27,000. In 1982 when Mrs. Retzer was pregnant, an irate male employee of the Greenwood restaurant telephoned their home and told Mr. Retzer to leave his girl friend alone. The family spent two weeks in France, renting a house for $5,500, and one of the weeks Mr. Retzer had his parents over to stay with them. Mr. Retzer testified at trial that she could live there as long as she chose. Also, they rented a house to Mrs. Boyette for $375 a month, a modest rental for the investment. 2d at 869; Wood v. Wood, 495 So. She was feeling "very depressed." Freigegeben / keine Freigabe erforderlich. Our holding should also be preferable to Mrs. Retzer as there will be no financial impediment to her remarrying. On July 13, 1987, the investigator reported the house to Mr. Retzer, who went to it, and discovered familiar items of personal property. 1987) in the actual framing of the issue. Restaurant Maria Loretto war bei strahlendem Wetter der würdige Rahmen für die Veranstaltung. As such, under well settled principles he has a fiduciary obligation to Mrs. Retzer in the management of her property, and imposed with a trustee's duty to preserve, protect and produce income from her corporate shares. While perhaps attempting to minimize the number of their occurrences, both Mrs. Retzer and the boy friend testified to acts of adultery continuing over a span of several years. 319, 323-24 (1978) (As a means to rectify a wrong, piercing the corporate veil is justified. [2] Mr. Retzer testified he would have put Mrs. Retzer's name on the Yazoo City (1983) and Greenville No. 1974), in which the wife had contributed to her husband's wealth by working in his business as well as a housewife, we held: One or both of two common threads thereafter appear in all of our awards of lump sum alimony. Two of our decisions might suggest otherwise, Jordan v. Jordan, 510 So. However troubling the record, the decision of this Court comes over two and one-half years after the award of custody to Mrs. Retzer. 1985)). ANDERSON and BLASS, JJ., join this opinion. The fact remains that at present they are siamese twins in Retzer and Retzer. at 870, 161 So. 2d 867 (Miss. This is neither a floor nor a ceiling, but from the present financial information an amount the chancellor considered reasonable. We affirm the annual award of $88,000 per year, not as alimony, however, but as a fair return on Mrs. Retzer's ownership of 1,600 shares in Retzer and Retzer, Inc., a close corporation in which Mr. Retzer is the majority shareholder. In 1978 a remark by Mrs. Retzer that Mr. Retzer's attorney was not his friend, and his own suspicion that there might be something going on between the attorney and Mrs. Retzer, caused Mr. Retzer to change attorneys. See, Winfield v. Winfield, 203 Miss. Here also the record does not support that Mr. Retzer, who after all was working for the income, spent anything like the money on himself that she did on herself, or that he in any way mismanaged his personal finances. Giving her credit for this, an almost equal ownership in the corporation was an eminently fair return. He found that she owned 27% of the total assets and was entitled to another eight percent giving her a total of 35% of the assets. Through her counter-complaint, Nancy requested both lump-sum and periodic alimony. 2d 884, 885 (1946). See Appellant's Brief at 1 ("Can Skinner ... be avoided and a non-party corporation controlled through the guise of alimony on the majority stockholder?"). To hold that she somehow had an equitable claim in the value of these restaurants would mean no principled guide whatever in awarding lump sum alimony, depending instead on the particular view of whatever chancellor heard the case. 2d 147 (1955), and its progeny. Otto Retzer Vermögen wird auf rund 3 Millionen Euro geschätzt. At the time of their separation, there were five restaurants owned by the corporation, two by Mr. Retzer. VIP-Geburtstag am Wörthersee: Promis feiern Otto Retzer Am Sonntag ist Regisseur und Schauspieler Otto Retzer 75 Jahre alt geworden. Mr. Retzer deposited $36,009.67 from his account to hers. It will not be the 1982 incident the children will hear about in school or from playmates. Mike was a 24-year-old officer in the U.S. Air Force and Nancy a 21-year-old education major at Louisiana State University. 1984). Known Locations: Carmel CA, 93923, Palos Verdes Estates CA 90274 Possible Relatives: Nicole S Retzler, Robert Edgar Retzler, Todd P Retzler. Background Check - Available. Feeling aggrieved by the decree, Mike appealed, and Nancy cross-appealed on inadequacy of property division. Any relaxation of this solemn obligation will be at his peril.[5]. Mike also contends that, in regard to the award of periodic alimony, the "chancellor has disregarded the corporate structure, `pierced the corporate veil,' and made [him] personally responsible for the corporation. Bunkley & Morse's Amis on Divorce and Separation in Mississippi, § 6.04, p. 184 (1957). That year Mr. Retzer expended $47,162.72 from his account, of which $18,825.48 was for personal items for himself, the remainder in investment, with the exception of a $1,100 political contribution. 2d 41, 42 (1952) (on desertion); Winkler v. Winkler, 104 Miss. A McDonald's franchise, called a "License Agreement," runs for a 20-year term. The IBM strategic repository for digital assets such as images and videos is located at As above noted, the total income of them both from the corporation for the year 1986 was $256,227.30. He directed Mr. Retzer to pay her $275,000 over a two-year period, with interest at the rate of eight percent per annum. 2d 1327 (Miss. 2d at 1302; Clark, 293 So. 2d 756, 758 (1953) (on habitual cruel and inhuman treatment); Carraway v. Carraway, 212 Miss. (recommending 25%). Mrs. Retzer wrote checks during the same period from her account totaling $22,539.73, of which $16,952.23 was for herself, $2,525 went into "Fantasy," and $2,862.50 was disbursed to Mrs. Trudy Boyette, Mrs. Retzer's mother. Er wuchs in Kärnten in einem Seitental des Görtschitztales auf. Mr. Retzer wrote checks to her from his account totaling $9,845.28. Mike seeks a reversal of the award and again contends that he should not be required to pay any alimony to an adulteress. 1986); Tutor v. Tutor, 494 So. Beacham v. Beacham, 383 So. L.REV. 2d 695 (1985). Pride wurde am 18. During the hearings, Mike contended that, because he was granted a divorce on the grounds of adultery, Nancy should receive only that which she "legally" owns and nothing more. Record ID: 642790494. Mike contends the chancellor's determination is "too high" and constitutes an abuse of discretion. Just as it has authority to require a husband to pay his wife periodic and lump sum alimony from his property and estate, the chancery court clearly has authority to require a divorced husband to pay his wife whatever is due her in his management of her property. Lester F. Sumners, Sumners Carter Trout & McMillin, New Albany, for appellant. In 1840 there were 2 Retzer families living in Pennsylvania. In each of these cases the ability of the husband to pay alimony was coupled with an inability of the wife to make a living or support herself. He concluded that their combined net worth was $4,100,000, with Mr. Retzer holding about $3,000,000 of the assets. 1989). On November 22, 1972, a License Agreement was executed by the licensor corporation, and "Michael L. Retzer and Nancy B. Retzer" as licensees. The Retzers' restaurant business was so successful that they opened six more McDonald's in other towns during the 13 years that followed. Das Getty Images Design ist eine eingetragene Marke von Getty Images. As noted in the preceding subsection, the chancellor's determination was based upon numerous factors: (1) the Retzers' high standard of living; (2) Mike's substantial yearly income; and (3) a compilation by Nancy of the children's "estimated monthly [living] expenses" an estimation to which Mike did not object nor dispute. 2d 147 (1955); Windham v. Windham, 218 Miss. And "Mike, himself, told the Court that any money spent on the children was not wasted." *597 PRATHER, ANDERSON and BLASS, JJ., dissent. 2d 362 (Miss. 50, 179 So. Geboren wurde Otto Werner Retzer am 13. The Retzers were apparently generous to Mrs. Retzer's mother, Mrs. Boyette, the Retzers paying for her cosmetic surgery costing several thousands of dollars. 1976); King v. King, 191 So. However, the $44,200 cash assets listed could have included a savings account. Shirley M Retzer 1407 Ridge Ave Steubenville, OH 43952 Age 91 (Born Feb 1929) (740) 282-2415. He rationalizes, for the most part, that the amount "compare[s] favorably with [various] public officials[']" 1987 salaries (e.g., "Clerk of the Supreme Court earns $31,000, which is less than the amount which he must pay to support his two children each year). Mrs. Retzer's attorney (who was not the boyfriend) advised her against agreeing to the issuance of ten shares to Mr. Retzer. Of this she spent $40,574 on personal items for herself, another $10,599.59 went into a small business venture between Mrs. Retzer and a friend, called "Fantasy." 371, 376 (1975). 2d 131 (Miss. 1987); Tutor v. Tutor, 494 So. 2d 410, 422 (Miss. He said that a fair return on her corporate investment should yield her eight percent per year. Mr. Retzer noticed among this inventory cards of a clearly sexually suggestive interest by its sender. Mr. Retzer described the problem during cross-examination: Mr. Retzer testified that of the salaries and bonuses each received from the corporation it was their initial intention for Mrs. Retzer to pay for the groceries and children's clothes out of her compensation, and he would pay all their other expenses from his salary and bonus, including mortgage payment, interest, insurance, taxes. The Retzers separated that day. Mr. Retzer eventually hired a private investigator, and in 1986 when he saw the boy friend at a social function, he told him not to talk to "Nancy" again, and the boy friend agreed. The chancellor awarded her an additional $1,000 per month. At trial this young lady, who in 1982 had been an employee of the Greenwood business, testified Mr. Retzer had made a sexual proposition to her, indeed suggested that she be his mistress. She bought $1,600 worth of intoxicating beverages from a local liquor store. 1990); Balvik v. Sylvester, 411 N.W.2d 383 (N.D. 1987); 18 Am.Jur.2d § 767. In the first six months of 1987, Mr. Retzer spent $38,840.43 from his account, of which $8,416.46 went on personal expenses for himself, $750.00 went to a political contribution, and $16,000 went for a membership in "Catfish Point," an exclusive recreation club of which he was a general partner. Wires, 297 So. 2d 667, 668 (Miss. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum Thema Ingrid Kraus in höchster Qualität. Nancy counters with several contentions. Audi Generation Award 2019 in München am 04.12.2019: Siegertypen der nächsten Generation / Ruby O. H.L. § 43-19-101 (1989 Supp.) See, Wires v. Wires, 297 So. 2d at 42, the wife was sick, unable to make a living and was having to live with her parents, and her was husband partially at fault. The chancellor's award of 8% of Mike's worth leaves Mike with over 200% more than Nancy's worth. "[2] The amount of the award was also based upon a compilation by Nancy of the children's "estimated monthly [living] expenses" an estimation to which Mike did not object nor dispute. Nach der Mittelschule begann Adi Peichl 1964 eine Lehre als Schriftsetzer. 2d at 449-450. 1970). 874, 877, 27 So. Versuchen Sie, Ihre Suche mit diesen Tipps zu erweitern: Den Suchbegriff auf Rechtschreib- oder Tippfehler überprüfen. 1977) (same). They rented an apartment; Mr. Retzer returned to work in Houston while she taught school. Mrs. Retzer was to stop seeing her lawyer boyfriend. In Wires, we held the chancery court "was in error in not providing adequate alimony under the close facts here shown, *594 particularly where the wife is ill and willing to resume her marital duties." Repetitious ramblings about Nancy's adulterous lifestyle are virtually the only evidence presented by Mike to support his contention that alimony is unwarranted; the persuasiveness of these ramblings dims in light of Mike's own adulterous and flirtatious lifestyle. 817 (1900). While their interest as husband and wife was essentially identical, now they are adverse to each other. We therefore affirm the amount of monthly income Mrs. Retzer is to receive, but amend the judgment to reflect this as an obligation of Mr. Retzer to see that she receives this sum from his management of the corporation. Eva was born on July 8 1754, in Nothweiler, Pirmasens, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. Mrs. Retzer's involvement with her boy friend, by their own chancery court admissions, resumed the last of 1984 or early 1985. In dem Film Rudi, benimm dich! Wie reich ist Otto Retzer? 547, 67 So. (recommending that 20% of adjusted gross income should be awarded for support). 2d 446 (Miss. As to her overspending, again the chancellor equated Mr. Retzer's extravagance with hers. Mr. Retzer took her to the local hospital where her stomach was pumped out. Despite this advice, she executed all documents prepared by Wayne Drinkwater, a Greenville attorney, necessary to issue Mr. Retzer ten corporate shares. 2d 409, 411 (Miss. 476, 119 So. [5] One outstanding fact from this record is that throughout their turbulent marriage, both Mr. and Mrs. Retzer have had able legal counsel. Although Mr. Retzer testified she had no money whatever in the original investment and that she had consistently spent and overspent everything she made, it is possible several thousand dollars of her teacher's salary was initially invested in the first restaurant. 2d 514, 515 (Miss. This Court answers the question in the affirmative. They drove to a local tennis club which was closed and parked for approximately two hours. 1988), where the wife was granted a divorce from her husband on adultery, from our previous cases we congealed factors considered in awarding lump sum alimony where the wife was granted a divorce: 537 So. Shirley M Retzler, age 81, Cincinnati, OH 45245 View Full Report. 2d 872 (1950); Grego v. Grego, 78 Miss. It started as a leasing operation of two trucks. Dann streckte ihn ein Grippevirus nieder. The decree of the chancery court is accordingly reversed and rendered on the $275,000 lump sum award to Mrs. Retzer, and affirmed on the award of custody of the children. Restated, Mike had the burden to show: (1) that the alimony award was unwarranted; or (2) that the award should be modified due to unreasonableness. 2d 1052, 1056 (Miss. Mr. Retzer will be well advised of his trust responsibility, and Mrs. Retzer of her ample avenues of relief in event of any deviation by him. Mrs. Retzer's lifestyle and emotional depression raise serious questions of the stability and example a parent should impart to his or her children. While being examined by the chancellor, she could not tell him whether Mr. Retzer had given her $4,000 or $8,000 the previous month, saying when the court asked her questions, "it frightens me and he's frightened me." Mrs. Retzer testified that until their separation, Mr. Retzer had never complained seriously about her spending, that he had teased her about it. He found that of this figure Mrs. Retzer had a net worth of $1,100,000, consisting almost entirely of the value of her corporate shares in Retzer and Retzer, Inc., and Mr. Retzer had a net worth of $3,000,000. Mr. Retzer denied ever having made any sexual advance to the young lady in Greenwood, *584 and denied making any agreement for adultery with Mrs. Retzer. There was extensive discovery by each side. 2d 782. The chancellor's award does not constitute 25% of Mike's gross income. 1229, 1230 (1988). The court went on to find that Mr. Retzer was a good parent, and should be allowed extensive visitation rights. Der Sänger fiel ins Koma. They should each feel free to do so, so long as there would be no public knowledge, and only the two of them knew of any such activity. On April 14, 1983, Mr. Retzer obtained a license agreement in his own name for a restaurant in Yazoo City, and finally on January 21, 1985, a license agreement for a second McDonald's restaurant in Greenville. The following was initially prepared as the majority opinion. Nancy counters that Mike admitted committing adulterous acts with several women, including a next-door neighbor, in the Retzers' marital home. (Vol. Upon Mrs. Retzer's promise never to stray again, he paid off the overdraft. With the exception of Mrs. Retzer's charge that Mr. Retzer had propositioned the young lady in Greenwood, the only evidence in the record that Mr. Retzer behaved in any way improperly from the time of their reconciliation in 1979 until they separated in July, 1987, was in the summer of 1982. Zu viele Bilder ausgewählt. Mike has also failed to show that the award is unreasonable and should be modified. 2d 477, 480 (Miss. After their separation, in January, 1988, Mr. Retzer left a restaurant in Greenwood late one night with a woman named "Linda." Appellant's Brief at 35-36 (citing Gray v. Edgewater Landing, Inc., 541 So. Indeed, having imposed upon him the obligation of a trustee, the greater burden in this continued economic joinder may very well fall upon Mr. Retzer. 36 records for Robert Retzer. II, at 230-33. While the chancellor awarded Mr. Retzer a divorce on the ground of Mrs. Retzer's adultery, he did not take this into consideration in awarding Mrs. Retzer custody of the children. Corporations, § 327; 18A Am.Jur.2d § 764, p. 633. Significantly, neither Jordan nor Wood overruled Hulett v. Hulett and its progeny. As discussed in a preceding subsection, a "Balance Sheet" indicates that Mike alone is worth over $4 million (probably a conservative figure) which is over 300% more than Nancy's worth. 1987), and Wood v. Wood, 495 So. Both appealed, but Nancy subsequently decided to withdraw her petition and seek an affirmance of the chancellor's award. VIII, 1140), he claiming she spent $35-40 thousand each year on dresses alone. The most Retzer families were found in the USA in 1920. 2d at 449. Zu Ehren von Sepp Krätz, dem diesjährigen vom Schlemmer Atlas gekürten „Gastronom des Jahres 2011“, fand am 14. MISS. In later relating what happened, she told him that she had been drinking. She admitted spending over $2,700 on furnishings, of which $814 was charged to the corporation. She and the businessman denied any improper conduct. Following the separation in July, 1987, the corporation paid Mrs. Retzer $1,178 every four weeks, and he paid her an additional $1,150 every four weeks, totaling $2,522 per month. The child support, while liberal, will of necessity come from the most part from the business Mr. and Mrs. Retzer own in almost equal shares, and we see no reason to reverse this award. 1980). The second restaurant in Greenville at the time of trial had been a consistent money loser, and another, the Clarksdale restaurant, was marginal, but the others highly successful. At the February, 1988, temporary hearing when Mrs. Retzer was receiving $14,372 for monthly expenses, she requested an additional $3,000 per month to permit her to live in her lifestyle. If that is extravagant management, many investors would welcome the opportunity to have a stake in it.

From 1975 to 1977, Lauterbach played his first movie parts in Another hearing was conducted August 19, following which the chancellor rendered an opinion September 7, 1988. Mike seems to conveniently forget that he too committed acts of adultery and wears no "white hat." *588 During the summer of 1988, following the divorce hearing, Mrs. Retzer went to Houston, Texas, for removal of a mole and cosmetic surgery of some kind. It was Mr. Retzer who was granted the divorce because of her wrong doing. He discussed the problem with his attorney in 1975. Baurecht in Marburg. II, at 163. 1982), we noted that these holdings did not "make Mississippi a community property state, but further delineate the serious responsibility of a chancellor to make intelligent and fair provision for the wife." As above noted, Mrs. Retzer did not teach after 1972, and took no part in the business. She stated her reason for doing so was that it took some time for them to be effective, and she took them in anticipation of her divorce. For almost two decades, and through Mr. Retzer's management, the corporation has indeed furnished them both with large incomes. Als Teenager schwankte er zwischen einer Karriere als Musiker oder als Baseball-Spieler. All of these license agreements were assigned to this corporation, making it the owner of the five restaurants. Code Ann. And society's attitudes regarding these mutual rights and obligations have undergone change over the past decades in response to a "more enlightened cultural sentiment." She was actively occupied as a teacher for the months of March-May, September-December, 1971, and all 1972. The chancellor rendered an opinion July 8 awarding Mr. Retzer a divorce on the ground of adultery. 1980)). He was a captain in the Air Force who shortly thereafter left the service and went to work for Texas Instruments in Houston, Texas. Appellee's Brief at 25. Drinkwater neither attempted to advise nor represent either party, but simply to prepare the necessary instruments to issue the shares. VI, 659) He called the pastor to calm her down. The record supports the chancellor's fact-finding with which the parties virtually did not dispute during oral arguments before this Court. However, the majority uses infidelity against Nancy as a sanction in equitable property division while ignoring Michael's own infidelity. Otto Retzer ist Schauspieler und Regisseur. As evinced in the preceding subsection, the chancellor extensively analyzed the evidence and applicable law. This Court like the chancellor is not convinced by Mike's adamant stance that an adulteress deserves nothing while an adulterer deserves all. At trial there was a disagreement as to Mrs. Retzer's initial investment. 37 Shirley Retzer pictures. The majority opinion in the case sub judice reflects regression from society's (and this Court's) evolving, enlightened view. See White v. White, 557 So. 44, 64, 159 So. Before this Court may reverse the chancellor's alimony decree, Mike must have presented sufficient evidence evincing manifest error. If so, it would have amounted to somewhere between $10,000 and $14,000. The Retzer family name was found in the USA, the UK, and Canada between 1840 and 1920. In Clark and thereafter in Reeves v. Reeves, 410 So. Having spent over $50,000 in 1986 on purely personal luxuries, Mrs. Retzer nevertheless in March, 1987, found herself over $40,000 in debt for unpaid bills for purely personal luxuries, and the debts for her personal luxuries in 1987 continued to mount. She never purchased any stocks or bonds, or had a savings account. We know that Shirley's political affiliation is currently a registered Democrat; ethnicity is Caucasian; and religious views are listed as Christian. 1986). 2d 362, 364 (Miss. Mrs. Retzer also consulted with a psychiatrist in Jackson, but the purpose is not in the record. [1] They had assignations at a selected house on Highway 82 and at Lake Ferguson in Washington County, in Louisiana, and in Arkansas. She had bills for dresses from all over the country, many costing more than $3,000. Were the chancellor to have strictly complied with the statutory guideline, Mike would have been ordered to pay substantially more. The disparity in their ownership of the restaurants comes from Mr. Retzer as an individual starting two new McDonald's, one in Yazoo City in 1983, and the other in Greenville in 1985. He had two watches costing several thousand dollars each, and upon cross-examination when Mrs. Retzer's counsel asked him if he would take $4,000 for the one he had on, Mr. Retzer took it off and sold it to him. He said that he recognized he was being followed by the other car, and told "Linda" that Mrs. Retzer's private investigator was no doubt in the other car. The alleged advance Mr. Retzer made to an employee in 1982, if true, is hardly praiseworthy, but it is a far cry from the record proof of Mrs. Retzer's continued, sustained infidelities culminating in the July, 1987, separation. He said they left the restaurant and drove to the club, where they parked and talked. In the twelve months following April, 1987, Mrs. Retzer did not curtail her purchase of items of personal luxury. Mike and Nancy Retzer were married in Louisiana on December 19, 1970. 2d 447, 449 (Miss. 2 (1985) franchise as well, but he was suspecting her of adultery. The chancellor's opinion, upon which he based his decision, is a lengthy one: Mike rejects the chancellor's opinion and reiterates, for the most part, that Nancy is "unfit" to have custody due to her acts of infidelity and, under the "general rule in Mississippi," a "parent who is guilty of infidelity is not entitled to the custody of the children." According to Mr. Retzer, from the beginning Mrs. Retzer was continually in "financial distress." While lump sum alimony is in a sense an award to a wife of a portion of her husband's estate, this Court has consistently made the distinction between divesting a husband of his property and vesting it in the wife, and lump sum alimony. 2d 435, 438 (Miss. Abi Ofarim führte das Leben eines Rockstars - mit allen Klischees. He then awarded her $88,000 per year alimony ($7,333.33 per month), with the provision that any sum paid by the corporation to her in dividends would be deducted from the alimony due her. Nach der standesamtlichen Trauung am Freitag, heirateten Ralph Siegel und seine Schweizer Frau Laura gestern Samstag kirchlich. 86 A.L.R.3rd 104, § 4. A third license agreement was obtained October *582 2, 1974, for a restaurant in Clarksdale. Comment, Corporations and Commercial Law, 49 MISS.L.J. In fact, it has been held that he holds the same duty as a managing partner owes the other partner in the management of partnership *595 affairs. 1970); McCraney v. McCraney, supra; Hopkins v. Hopkins, 174 Miss. Mrs. Retzer's personal income from the corporation that year was $21,600, leaving her a balance of $4,656.67. 1973), none of our cases suggested, however, that a wife who had been a dutiful and frugal housewife without more was for that reason entitled as a matter of law to a lump sum alimony as opposed to or in addition to periodic alimony. According to him, his problems with his wife were not restricted to extra-marital relations.